Jim and Vanessa's Home Page

Jim works for WaveMetrics, Inc, who have created IGOR, a powerful data analysis and graphing program for the Macintosh and Windows. He also does some consulting for users of IGOR who need more than the usual WaveMetrics technical support.

In his spare time, he finds web sites that are neat.

He also plays what Vanessa calls " that damn game " with "The Bourbon Clan". Over time the game has changed but somehow the opinion always stays the same...

Another "spare time project" was building a two-seater rocket for his niece, nephew, and the neighborhood children.

Jim also loves cars, roller-coasters and has attempted to grow roses. A while ago we visited some especially nice roses in Paris, France!

Jim caught the home theater bug, and built a tiny one in our current home in Tigard, Oregon when it was built.

He even more recently went deep-water cruising on a sailboat from (roughly) Seattle to San Diego.

We love to travel, most recently we visited Italy (Venice, Florence, and Rome).

In 2010 we visited the lovely island of Kaua'i.

In 2015, Jim went on a two-week mission trip to Zambia. Pictures-only here, and a PDF Report here (warning: large file)

Vanessa has her own business, Medium-Rare Antiques, selling beautiful things for your home through Ebay.