Igor Pro is a powerful scientifically-oriented piece of software for the Macintosh and Windows computers; it is programmable on two levels:
  • Macros or Functions written in Igor's built-in programming language.
  • Igor extensions (XOP or XFUNC), written in C.

ICS offers Igor programming services that go beyond the free technical support provided by WaveMetrics, Inc.


  • On the Igor programming staff at WaveMetrics, Inc. since 1990.
  • Proficient in Igor's built-in programming language and XOP development.
  • Macintosh and Windows API experience, including Mac to Win conversions.
  • Electrical Engineer by training, previously 13 years with Tektronix, Inc.
  • Software engineer with consulting company, 5 years.

Completed consulting projects:

  • Custom macro and function writing for spike analysis.
  • XOP creation for highspeed file reading and instrument control.
  • multi-discipline image processing and user interface coding.

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