Igor Pro is a powerful scientifically-oriented piece of software for the Macintosh and Windows computers; it is programmable on two levels:
  • Macros or Functions written in Igor's built-in programming language.
  • Igor extensions (XOP or XFUNC), written in C.

ICS offers Igor programming services that go beyond the free technical support provided by WaveMetrics, Inc.

Contact ICS with your Igor programming needs.


  • On the Igor programming staff at WaveMetrics, Inc. since 1990.
  • Proficient in Igor's built-in programming language and XOP development.
  • Macintosh and Windows API experience, including Mac to Win conversions.
  • Electrical Engineer by training, previously 13 years with Tektronix, Inc.
  • Software engineer with consulting company, 5 years.

Completed consulting projects:

  • Custom Igor macros and functions for spike analysis.
  • XOP creation for highspeed file reading and instrument control.
  • Multi-discipline image processing and user interface coding.
  • Custom Igor macros, functions, and UI for semiconductor wafer quality control.
  • HTML 5 client-side heart bypass training application using Javascript and jQuery UI.


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